By opening all available, appropriate streams of communication with your target market, you maximise opportunities to engage with it.

Carousel provides a PR and social media strategy that is integrated, seamlessly, with the overall marketing strategy we’ve created with you. Co-ordination between all these elements is crucial when delivering a cohesive campaign, and projecting a strong and clear message.

We create compelling copy and share it through PR and social media channels to raise awareness, create networks and generate enquiries. We circulate this copy, in the form of news stories, case studies, industry/topical commentary, through press and social media, for clients across a wide range of industries.

PR services

We believe that an effective PR solution, for you, requires well-executed content aimed at carefully-considered press outlets. The selected publications are suited to your products and business sector, always taking into account the bigger picture of the marketing strategy.

We form working relationships with prevalent publications, and take a tenacious approach when looking to get articles published – because we know what’s required in this environment, where competition is high.

When working to get a piece published, we liaise with publications, tailoring the article to their needs – be it restructuring the piece or obtaining additional information.

Our approach to PR means we regularly achieve circulation of articles for our clients, in the strategically identified outlets.

Social media

We’ll use the right platform for the target audience, based on your business sector. As a results-driven business, all the social media marketing work we do for our clients is in the name of generating business enquiries, raising awareness and brand building.

Profile and presence

We create professional, keyworded social media profiles for companies and individuals.

Increasingly, social media sites, such as LinkedIn, are embracing the use of algorithms that work the same as the most up-to-date search engines – scanning profile content for relevant phrases.

SEO is something we know a great deal about, and a search-engine optimised profile could well put you ahead of your competitors when your target market is searching.

Audience and network

We proactively generate connections with carefully selected decision-makers of potential clients – so if we’re delivering a comprehensive marketing campaign for you, the very same people being addressed in a direct mailing are being contacted through social media.

We’ll also pursue very specific contacts, on your behalf, to open up a dialogue with potential clients you’ve identified.


Social media marketing demands a level of activity and responsiveness to be maintained, in order to make any significant headway.

We realise that this can be time consuming and costly for a company to fulfil in-house. Furthermore, if it is not done by a specialist, or properly aligned with all of your other marketing, then it could be delivering a poor return on your investment.

Carousel can manage your social media, on an ongoing basis. We help clients to interact with their target audience on a regular or daily basis, because strength and consistency of message are fundamentals in breaking through in a saturated marketplace.



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