Worcester, Bosch Group

Worcester Bosch Group was looking to enhance its understanding of how its brand is perceived by the consumers and installers, and to have be able to measure the effectiveness. We contact both consumers and installers with questionnaires that gauge trends in sales, customer satisfaction and new consumer and installer demands.

Key project services:

  • Market research
  • Marketing strategy

About Worcester, Bosch Group

Part of the Bosch Group, Worcester manufactures heating and hot water appliances for the home. The choice for millions of quality and value focused homeowners, they have been manufacturing to the highest quality standards for over 50 years. Their product range includes gas and oil boilers, smart controls, cylinders, solar water heating and heat pumps.

The brief

  • Design and provide a fully outsourced service for researching the customer satisfaction of householders and installers on an ongoing basis
  • Manage the complete process from creating the sample population to be surveyed and mailing the questionnaire, to processing the response, analysing results and administering response incentives
  • Design a bespoke research system for sampling data, conducting the research and storing responses, which provides the analysis for regular specified reports, in addition to being queried on an ad hoc basis
  • Present the analysis in a way that enables the client to understand how the services they provide are perceived by their customers and identify important trends and areas for improvement

What we did

  • Create a representative sample of new boiler installations each month, containing both householder and installer information and ensuring that no respondent receives a questionnaire more frequently than once a year
  • Mail customer satisfaction questionnaires to householders that have had their boiler installed for at least three months, and also to their respective installer
  • Interpret and database all results from returned surveys and calculate trends for both monthly and half yearly reports

Carousel has provided us with a smooth running, complete package for measuring customer satisfaction. It enables us to concentrate on the results of their findings, rather than be preoccupied with the mechanics of the research.

Sue Pennington, Worcester, Bosch Group

The results

  • The project is now in its 10th year and the database of information it has created provides invaluable comparisons and trends in customer expectations and satisfaction.
  • Householders are not surveyed until they have gained experience of using their boiler for at least three months, so that they can comment on both the boiler and any subsequent after sales service.
  • Conducting the research not only provides input to new product development, customer services and marketing strategy; it shows both customers and installers that Worcester Bosch is committed to listening to feedback and measuring the performance of their products and services in the market place.

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