Carousel takes its fundraising to The Bank

October 4, 2019

Last Friday, 27th September, members of the Carousel Marketing team took part in an abseiling event raising money for local bereavement charity, Edward’s Trust.


The 65-metre abseil of The Bank apartment building on Broad Street, Birmingham, was the idea of our clients, KWB Commercial Property Specialists. So, KWB put out a call for 60 people to take part in the whole-day event, in aid of Edward’s Trust. Then Carousel answered that call!

Taking on the challenge, Carousel Marketing pledged some of its finest daredevils:

  • Gareth Griffiths – Copy & Content Manager
  • Andy Roberts – Creative Director
  • Jessica Eaton – Direct Marketing & Market Research Manager
  • Bradley Catlow – Account Executive

If you’d like to contribute to our team’s fundraising efforts, to help Edward’s Trust, you can do so on the Carousel Marketing JustGiving page.

Let’s tell you a bit about Edward’s Trust

Edward’s Trust is based in Birmingham and helps families coming to terms with the passing of a parent or a child. The Trust offers therapies, respite care and other supportive services across the West Midlands.

Gareth Griffiths, Copy & Content Manager at Carousel Marketing, said: “The work of Edward’s Trust makes a real difference to adults and children at what is an unimaginably difficult time.

“Some of us know families that have suffered such a loss – this was one of the motivators to take part.”

You can find out more about the charity on the Edward’s Trust website.

In good company

Also joining Carousel and members of KWB in raising money for Edward’s Trust, were companies from all over Birmingham.

The list of fearless fundraisers included The Binding Site, Harworth Group, Core Marketing, BEAM and Haig & Co, as well as Edward’s Trust themselves.

How do we put this, it was high… really, really high

Tower 1 of The Bank is a 21-storey residential building coming in at 65m. In fact, the building has been frequently cited as being taller than Niagara Falls. As such, we knew when we got up there it was going to be a long way down.

Gareth said: “Being able to see where you live from a mile away… realising that buildings below you aren’t houses, they’re actually four-storey flats… you could say there were ‘a few’ indicators that we were pretty high up.”

The weather wasn’t the most ‘kind’ that day either

Heavy rain and gusts of wind made sure that it wasn’t too easy. The Bank’s walls became slippy and the people began to sway in the wind – we don’t recommend that bit.

Nevertheless, Gareth, Andy, Brad and Jess each made it down the 21 storeys of The Bank in one piece (or thereabouts), truly earning their sponsorship in spades.

Victorious. We came down, the money went up… and up

We’re delighted to share that Carousel Marketing has raised over £1,500 for Edward’s Trust with the abseil, and this continues to rise.

Amazingly, the event has so far passed £16,387 in sponsorship. We are so happy for Edward’s Trust and we congratulate KWB and all participants on such a successful fundraiser.

Finally, on behalf of the abseiling team and everyone at Carousel Marketing, “Thank you!”. We are incredibly grateful for all sponsorship from clients and friends of the business.

If you’d like to contribute to our fundraising efforts, to help this great cause, Edward’s Trust, you can do so on the Carousel JustGiving page.

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