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May 4, 2018

This is the first article in the ‘Carousel on…’ series, our ongoing collection of think pieces, touching on a range of marketing fundamentals as well as topical commentary in response to developments within the creative and digital industries. This first release covers the necessity for good copywriting in marketing.


‘Carousel on…’ will provide helpful pieces of usable advice and helpful-to-know information.

First impressions are immensely important – this makes imagery and headings crucial. However, getting all this right, and following it up with the wrong words can mean a lost opportunity. Our copywriter, Gareth Griffiths, talks about some of the most important values in modern copywriting, and how Carousel puts them into action.

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Imagery puts the foot in the door, copy makes them pick up the phone

Hollow words will get you nowhere. At Carousel, we deal with commitments; that is to say that the products we help to market and sell are often big ticket, and represent an investment both in money and time – be it an office lease, or a services contract. So, what is said needs to have substance and needs to compel.

People read in different ways

Reading habits differ from person to person, depending on personal preference, available time or natural attention span – some people will glance, some people will skim and a rare few will read every single line of what you have to say. You need to communicate your message effectively to each of these people. This will impact on both what is written and how it is laid out.

The feature/benefit rhetoric will never die

Focusing on ‘what’, rather than ‘why’ is a common marketing mistake.

When offering a product to a customer they need to be told what they stand to gain from it. They won’t accept a price tag without knowing the bang they’ll get for their buck.

The feature/benefit rhetoric doesn’t assume the audience recognises the total value of the proposition. It’s the best way to convince.

We offer ‘X’, it gives you ‘Y’.

Simple and straight to the point.

Back up what you say

Make a bold statement, and prove it. Testimonials are great – but micro case studies, which clearly demonstrate a client’s return on investing in you – with facts, not fluff – will help convince the reader of the legitimacy of your USPs.

This is all part of the idea of commitment. Providing your audience with proof helps build confidence and trust.

SEO-driven copywriting

What is the value of well-crafted marketing copy sitting on your website, if no one sees it. Many see SEO as some kind of mythical secret code to be feared rather than favoured, but this needn’t be the case.

Search engine optimising text increases the chances that people will see your page when searching the internet for what you have to offer.

The world of SEO is everchanging, but what doesn’t change is its value in raising the number of hits on your site and increasing your chances of online enquiries. As such, having an SEO specialist crafting your strategy and copy is certainly worth thorough consideration.

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